I have a negative impression of Allstate based upon hearsay, gossip, and ratings from 30 years ago. A bad impression can absolutely doom a company, and my experience just goes to prove that. Now the good part, that was all 30 years ago and Allstate probably changed management several times since then, so I am up in the air about Allstate. Your agency on the other hand is run beautifully, I love the fact that you are reaching out to me all the time just to check and the staff do a great job. The only reason that I give you an 8 is because of your location so far from Spokane, and past impressions of Allstate. I originally came on just looking for a quick fix and only planned to stay for one term, but you have done such a great job that I plan to renew. My previous carrier was Progressive and that company is top notch. When my car needed repairs they were right there and had me into the dealership the next day and at the front of the line. The only problem with Progressive is that they are terribly unforgiving of any fault or change in credit status. I cancelled a few credit cards, and even though my debt load did not change they were right there to raise my rates.

JOHN V. - February 21, 2019

You have been very reachable and personable and been able to answer all my questions.

NATHANIEL H. - February 23, 2019

Always good insurance. Prices very fair. Great service. Agents easy to work with.

KENNETH S. - January 20, 2019

Thank You for your service.

DIANE B. - February 22, 2019

A top notch agent and crew working for her. They are committed to excellent service and have an eye for detail. Thank you

MARK B. - December 15, 2018

Although I had bad experience before but now I have Alice , she gave me very good impression, I feel I can trust her!

SU L. - December 10, 2018

Alice Yao is amazing and goes above and beyond for her customers

GRETCHEN B. - October 28, 2018

Alice was very patient and explained all my coverage in details.

FENG-YING W. - October 7, 2018

Superior experience since the first day my coverage!

JEFFREY R. - October 4, 2018

Thanks for great service

TERRY P. - October 1, 2018

Very amicable and easy to work with on a consistent basis.

SAM C. - September 7, 2018

Positive. Service is warm, personal and responsive.

CHENG D. - September 23, 2018

One thing I really like when I meet with Alice is that she will take the time to explain all the details of my policy to me in a manner that is easy to understand. I am an older semi-retired person and have insurance my whole life, but a lot of new insurance coverages and deductions are not easy to understand. Thanks to Alice, I feel confident that I have proper coverage for my needs.

Lucy W. - August 30, 2018

Alice is the most proactive and professional insurance agent that I’ve ever had. Whenever I have a question or concern she and her staff will always get back to me quickly and make sure I’ve got all of the info and facts. I highly recommend Alice and her agency.

ALFRED N. - September 29, 2018